High Auchensale to Ithaca

Digital pigment print, image size 76 x 56 cm, paper size 86 x 66 cm, edition of 10.

A response to ‘Homecoming’ and other works from the collection of the same name by poet Jim Carruth. ‘Homecoming’ transposes elements from Homer’s Odyssey to the events over 24hrs on a Renfrewshire hillside reflecting the eternal struggle of humankind with nature and providing a keen insight into the often misunderstood challenges facing those who dwell in rural communities today.

The cartographic framework was initiated by Joan Blaeu’s ‘Atlas of Scotland’ published in 1654. This was the first ever atlas of Scotland, presenting its geography in detail and laid out as never before. Many of the towns, villages and especially farmsteads and small holdings featured still exist in one form or another today.