Stravaigin Mural

A commission from Stravaigin Restaurant in Glasgow that reflects their gastronomic philosophy and trademark combination of excellent global and local cuisine.

The mural features a global equatorial projection overlaid with detailed maps of areas of Scotland and an eclectic range of edible flora and fauna annotated in Gaelic, Latin and Japanese where appropriate.

A more detailed PDF of the full work can viewed here. PDF can be viewed via a browser and via iBooks app or similar.

Stravaig v. roam, wander about casually or aimlessly; traverse, travel up and down (a place).

"Stravaig derives from eighteenth-century Scots extravage, meaning 'wander about; digress, ramble in speech', in turn derived from Medieval Latin extravagari 'wander, stray beyond limits'. Stravaig, in various forms, is found in a wide range of Scottish texts from the late eighteenth-century onwards.

Since the eighteenth century people have written that Scots is a dying language. Nevertheless, words like stravaig have remarkable powers of endurance."

Maggie Scott, The Bottle Imp